Membership Categories



Practitioner Members.

Practitioner membership shall be available to anyone who meets the following criteria:

a. Has satisfactorily completed an Interdisciplinary Collaborative Law Divorce Team Training;

b.    Is licensed by the recognized licensing authority in his or her profession and is a member in good standing of that profession;
c. Has malpractice insurance and/or errors and omissions insurance as applicable to his or her profession;

d. Has paid the initial application fee and annual dues to CPP; and

e. Has or will satisfactorily complete six (6) hours of collaborative law related continuing education annually and will provide proof to the Board of Directors upon request.

Practitioner Members will be entitled to vote in CPP affairs and their names may appear in any list that is made available outside the corporation. Membership in the International Academy of Collaborative (“IACP”) is encouraged, but not required for Practitioner Members Professionals.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate membership will be available to any person supportive of collaborative professional law practice but who does not practice in any of the collaborative law disciplines (legal, financial or mental health) or who does practice in one of the collaborative professions but intentionally does not qualify for Practitioner Membership.

Supporting Members shall not be entitled to vote in CPP affairs.

Student Membership

Full-time students enrolled in a degree or certificate program at an accredited post-secondary institution may apply for this membership category.

Student Members shall not be entitled to vote in CPP affairs and their names shall not appear in any list that is made available outside the CPP.

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