Karen Dorsey

Karen Dorsey

Karen Dorsey

Biographical Info Karen has a Master of Educational Counseling and was a former school counselor and therapist in private practice working primarily with children and families. She became a Credentialed Family Mediator in San Antonio and worked for the Hill Country Dispute Resolution Center in Kerrville, TX as a mediator for divorce and child custody cases. As a Certified Divorce Coach®, Karen provides coaching services for individuals who are in the should I or shouldn't I phase of divorce, in the divorce process, and after divorce coaching. She helps individuals navigate through the divorce process and serves as their thinking partner so they can be sure they are receiving the most accurate information and making the best decisions during this difficult time.

Email Address karendoftx@gmail.com

Level Affiliate Member 1 yr

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Company Smarter Divorce Solutions

City Phoenix

State AZ

Zip 85012

Phone 877-552-4017

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licenses/certifications Master of Educational Counseling Certified Divorce Coach® Credentialed Family Mediator