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Matthew B. Cassedy, MBA, CBA, CVA, CMEA, MAFF Matt is a seasoned business appraiser with 10 years of valuation and M&A experience. He is President and chief appraiser of Analytic Business Appraisers, LLC an appraisal firm that specializes in the valuation of closely held businesses for divorce, estate and partnership dispute resolution. Matt also consults for ValuSource Corporation providing technical appraisal support to their CPA and business appraisal clients. He is the current Treasurer and Board Member for the Arizona Business Brokers Association. Matt has testified in numerous cases as an expert witness cases for partnership dispute valuation, as well as divorce asset allocation. Matt earned his MBA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and graduated from Chapman University with his BS in Business, with minors both in Accounting and Finance.

My heart has always been for families. As a child of a single parent home due to divorce, I understand the challenges and struggles that are ahead for anyone facing this situation. Good, loving people came into our lives and supported us along the way. Now as a realtor, I want to come along side the divorcing family and help in making very important decisions pertaining to one the biggest assets a family possesses, the family home. My expertise and resources will help make the process as smooth as possible. Before children, my job was fire-fighting. It really wasn't a job. I was blessed to be able to do something I loved and be paid for it! My next chapter in life brought me to motherhood. Raising two little people to be contributing adults has been my greatest joy and biggest blessing so far. We home-schooled for their elementary and high school years. Our kiddos are adults now and my days look very different. I am honored to help folks navigate the world of real estate. I work hard to help my clients accomplish their goals. I look forward to rolling up my sleeves and getting to work for you!

James Osborn Popp has been in sole practice in Family Law since 1994. His current practice emphasis is Collaborative Divorce, Mediation, and Retirement Asset division in Family Law, including QDROs and Orders dividing Federal, State and Military Retirement. He completed IACP Collaborative Divorce training in 2006.

Mary Ann Hess has been a family law attorney for more than 25 years. The last 12 years, Mary Ann Hess has developed a thriving non-litigated practice addressing family law issues. Mary Ann is experienced in all facets of collaborative law, mediation, and using the parenting coordinator process to allow families to create their solutions that are best for their families. I am a Realtor and attorney (retired) with over 20 years practice in real estate transactions and construction law. As a Realtor, a large part of my practice centers around what I term “transitions” that occur through life circumstances and hardships. It involves my assistance to families that are downsizing, estate liquidation, probate, family law / divorce cases and property ownership disputes that require property partition. In addition to my “transitions” practice, I enjoy working with horse and golf properties because of their uniqueness. I try hard to be empathetic to each party’s emotions and needs during the selling process because they are going through one of the most traumatic and momentous events in their lives. In divorce cases, there is a home being sold. Let that sink in: a home. A structure once known as safe, secure, happy and comfortably familiar. Those couples, families and individuals have to move on, though, and transition into a new life -- one of the most difficult tasks they individually and collectively will face for years. And I am fortunate to be there in some small fashion to help them deal with and make it through that transition. It is both my role – and I try incredibly hard -- to identify and resolve issues early, diminish conflicts quickly and keep clients who may be exhausted both financially and emotionally with moving forward. I understand that by the time I enter a case that personal finances may be stretched. So, I try hard to anticipate the issues that invariably arise during a real estate listing and sale and try to foresee ways to anticipate keeping minimizing their financial stresses. I am fortunate that my long background in construction provides me with the experience and knowledge to identify the most cost-effective ways to update or repair delayed maintenance items that could prove to be problematic in concluding a sale. Quite often the marital home has been the last battleground and may be the final puzzle piece in couple’s long process in the final phase of letting go. I know that pricing a property accurately based on competitive comps and the house condition can facilitate a timely sale so their lives can move forward and begin anew. Through my affiliation with Russ Lyon Sotheby’s, I offer the best marketing exposure and professional service for all clients, no matter the price range. While many of my clients have home valuations in the $400k to $2m and up range, it is not uncommon for me to handle transactions in the $200k range, too. It has been my privilege to assist those clients and family members that have begun that journey – transition-- and have made that leap of faith. In those cases where I am appointed as a Special Real Estate Commissioner, neither the attorneys nor the clients need not worry about ensuring the real estate transaction will be handled properly. (Being a Special Real Estate Commissioner means I am in a small but exclusive list of Court approved real estate agents assisting divorcing couples with disposal of their real estate during their separation process.) I have a fantastic team of professionals and artists who are “go-to” consultants, tradesmen, interior designers and photographers/artists who assist me in transactions. My unique professional and personal background blends all aspects of a real estate transaction together - legal; strategic development and negotiation skills; financial; insurance; development and construction considerations; and risk management. I understand the meaning and importance of the real estate contract and can explain the terms and transaction process in a way that makes it is easy for people to understand. Relationships are important in real estate, and I am confident you will find my midwestern upbringing is exceptionally straightforward, transparent and brings a personal, helpful demeanor and manner that bears intellect, integrity and trust to my representation. Educationally, I received my law degree from the New England School of Law, and have been licensed to practice in Arizona since 1995. After a brief career for a boutique law firm emphasizing architect/engineer malpractice issues, I started my own firm in July 2002 with a primary focus on real estate and construction matters. I earned my B.S. in Construction Engineering from Iowa State University and I come from a family background that spans five generations of general contractors, and have been involved on projects in Washington, D.C. to New England to Moscow, Russia on various residential, commercial and larger, “heavy” construction projects. From 2002 – 2009, I was general, outside counsel for the Arizona Contractors Association (ACA), a construction industry political lobbying association.

Cristi McMurdie of McMurdie Law Office, PC,, consistently provides exceptional family law representation and mediation since 1995. We provide exceptional collaborative family law since 2015. Our firm’s cutting edge focus provides expert conflict resolution, mediation, collaborative representation, limited scope representation and full representation. Our lead attorney, Cristi McMurdie exhibits a passion to help families resolve their conflict at the table and keep them out of the court room unless it is absolutely necessary.